What Software do you use for drawing?

I use Paint Tool Sai for the sketch, Line art, and Shading, then I give all the finish touch and effects on Clip Studio. *I also do some sketch on Medibang is free software I do really recommend it, you just gotta take your time for learning how to use the tools.

What do you use to make your poses?

well most of them (Other ways I look a lot of different images and make a whole pose on my own) … If you are having any troubles with poses for hands, legs or certain parts of the body I really recommend you Design Doll is a paid software but very helpful and worth it. I also use some apps for the phone in my free time such as Easy Poser and Easy Style .

What Tablet do you use?

I use a Wacom Cintiq 16

When did you start drawing?

Em.. hard to say I’ve been drawing for a long time (5-6 years) my Skills were limited to Manga [monochrome]. I work for a company and there I was just starting. I never had the opportunity to color because I just wasn’t skilled. recently I decided to try out some styles looking for my own one and coloring. I reach a very good level in less than a year is a very fun experience, but hey! still learning.

Who inspired you?

When I started to coloring I was looking up on HonoBread she was my inspiration and still, she is, her details her way to do the things made me feel speechless, then I look for Shiratakimoon , Zue Mika Repi Fumi , Rich@ and Necomi @NekoRina others… (!!) there are so many artists. I also Joined on DeviantArt I am still learning from many artists but I hope to reach my goal this year and try different ways to do the things! we always can get better and better yes!!!

Where are you from?


NOTE: I will post here more of these depending on the free time that I have.