Read before buying
1. All my themes are for personal use ONLY.
2. Make sure that the Fonts, Keyboards, and themes are compatible with your phone. (*)
* There are some free themes in the Freebies section, I recommend you TO try these FIRST before you purchase or request any theme.
3. Claiming my works as yours is strictly prohibited, you can’t Re-sell trade, or exchange my themes in any way. 
4. Custom orders such as Line Messenger, Stamps, etc… are PRIVATE.
5. I reserve the right to decline any request without question.
6.  I do not work on OFF days.
7. If you purchased a theme and YOU DIDNT get the LINK… Please, be very patient. I will share with you the files but DO NOT start spamming messages, my time is very different and I also have work besides the social commissions and request themes.
8. Purchasing my themes means that you are accepting my terms. If you upload my free themes to some social media, please don’t forget to tag me or mention the creator’s name.