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After the donation contact me and tell me all the details about the paint. The commission will take (7) days if everything goes well. I will keep you updated from the start ’till the end.

In the whole process, we can share ideas and I will change anything as long as I am still painting the sketch. After the finishing process, I will not change anything anymore, make 100% sure in the review that everything it’s okay.


1. ( If after the commission you’ll like to change colors in the paint like Clothes, skin, eyes or hair, I will charge you $15 on the small ones such as chibis, emotes etc.. large format will be charged by $35)

2. I DO NOT WORK on the weekends, holidays or off days. Be very patient to me

(no pressure please).

3. I reserve the right to decline/refund any commission without question if I don’t feel comfortable with it.

4. Make 100% that you like my style and you agree with the personal touch on it, do not ask to change certain things whenever you see the sketch (Like the art style or so…). This is my style and by commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and the style as well.

5. You cannot use my art to re-sell it or trade-in any platform.

6. My art is constantly in development, so if you see old Commissions or Fanart, they probably won’t be the same as they used to be. Keep this in mind, please.

7. I will share with you all the files in different formats please if you are gonna upload the Commission paint in any social media make sure that you use the image with the watermark or one with your nickname and give me the proper credits.

8. I can accept refunds at 100% if I did not start the sketch, but once I start the Line Art, I only will refund you 50% of the payment.


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  1. Fanarts (Anime, Games…)
  2. Original Characters

  1. Mecha/Armors.
  2. NSFW

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